Winter Bird Feeding

Rachel Staats filling Bird Feeder

Another winter bird-feeding season is upon us at Deer Flat NWR.  “Thank you” again to Rachel and David Staats for organizing and managing this effort, helped with the aid of many volunteers.  We also want to acknowledge our friends from the Southwestern Idaho Birders Association for their annual cash donation to help us purchase bird seed.

A big thanks also goes to Boyd and Julie Steele, owners of Wild Birds Unlimited in Boise, who have not only donated bird seed, but also donated a new hopper feeder for our winter bird feeding project.  Boyd mounted it on a pole with a metal perch for our birds to enjoy black oil sunflower mix (house finches, house sparrows and northern flickers).  The dark-eyed juncos, mourning doves, and California quail love to nibble on the spillover seed that falls to the ground (lucky ground-feeding birds!).  The next time you are at the Visitor Center, stroll out the back doors and check out the new feeder, mounted on the pole near the pollinator garden.