Here are some recent newsletters from the Friends of Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge. The newsletter is published as part of your Friends of Deer Flat annual membership.  ENJOY!! Summer-2022-Newsletter-Final.pdf Fall-2020-Newsletter_Final-2.pdf The-Grebe-Newsletter-April-2020.pdf […]

These species are generally categorized as large “Wading Birds.” They have long legs, long necks and long stout bills for stalking and catching food in shallow water. Graceful crests and plumes adorn the […]

We invite you to review the Friends of Deer Flat brochure.   Please consider joining the Friends by filling out the appropriate information provided in the brochure (download PDF file below–labelled as “Newsletter” […]

The Friends of Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge operate under a Partnership Agreement with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.  Under this agreement the Friends are required to file a report of their activities […]

by Bob Christensen My observations:  I have regularly observed Eastern fox squirrels (Sciurus niger) in the riparian (or lakeside) cottonwood forests surrounding Lake Lowell.  Most often, I have watched these furry arboreal rodents […]

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