Sagebrush Steppe Restoration Project

Volunteers Needed

To Help Plant Shrub & Forb Seedlings

On the Sagebrush Steppe Restoration Project Site

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

             The Friends’ sagebrush steppe restoration project, adjacent to the Refuge visitor center, is advancing to the second season.  We are looking at Saturday afternoon, November 3rd from noon to 3pm for the second annual hand-planting of native shrubs, forbs and bunchgrass plugs. So pencil these dates in on your calendar.  We will be planting and watering about 1,200 sagebrush seedlings, 100 saltbush seedlings, and 500 perennial forb plugs.  Getting this done in one 3-hour planting session will require about 50-70 volunteers with shovels and lots of energy.  Digging will be very easy this year compared to last—the soil has been disked to loosen it up.

If you, your group, or family would be willing to be placed on the list to help us plant this fall, please contact Saskia van Adrichem, the Refuge volunteer coordinator, at 208-467-9278. We are counting on you!

In November 2017 – Over 100 Volunteers 

Helped Plant 3,000 Seedlings

On the Sagebrush Steppe Restoration Project Site at Deer Flat NWR


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