Friends Celebrated 10-Year Anniversary in 2016

Migration Celebration 2016 Martin Hooker (56) er Flat National Wildlife Refuge Migration Celebration

Amazingly, the Friends of Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge has officially been a Non-profit organization for over 10 years.  The time has rushed by for those of us who have been actively involved in Friends activities and events during these productive years.

Some of you came and joined in our 10-year anniversary events (see adjacent photos) on May 14th 2016, which included the ribbon cutting for the Della Johnson Memorial Trail which leads to the wildlife viewing blind, “The Coop.”

Others of you attended our National Wildlife Refuge Week celebration on October 8th at which we honored some of our charter members.  See the photos below.  We had a great potluck luncheon, exciting door prizes, and watched a very interesting presentation on the nesting activities of Lake Lowell Bald Eagles.

dixiecharter-friends-members-10-08-162006 Charter members who attended the celebration are LtoR:  Bob Blome, Susan Kain, Kris Horton, Denise Hughes, Jean Haber, Dixie Blome (also shown cutting the cake), Noreen Trip, Lynn Wilfling, and Bob Christensen.